Friday, 19 July 2013

Glossary of Deepwatch Terms 19/7/2013

This is really just for fun and inspired by something that was in the old 4th Edition Imperial Gaurd Codex.


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Deep, The:- Reference to subterranean tunnels, caverns or complexes that lie below the normal level of the utilities and service tunnels of a typical city.

Fathom:- Unit of length used by Morridanes, it has a dual use for being used to measure the depth of water as well as the depth of subterranean tunnels. Though it is suspected that it is often used to deliberately confuse non-Morridanes.

Greens:- Uniform, regardless of colour or function.

Kiss Me Goodnight Commissar Sir:- Popular song amongst Morridane units, believed to be based upon a song from Terran antiquity.

Lid:- Bowl shaped, plasteel helmet used by Morridane units.

Lurker:- A subterranean Xeno race native to Morrdh.

Muck Patrol:- Nickname given to units assigned to a city's sewers and utility tunnels.

SLR:- Lasgun/rifle, believed to have originated from the use of 'Las-Rifle, Standard' on Departmento Munitorum forms.

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