Friday, 19 July 2013

Glossary of Deepwatch Terms 19/7/2013

This is really just for fun and inspired by something that was in the old 4th Edition Imperial Gaurd Codex.


~ ~ ~

Deep, The:- Reference to subterranean tunnels, caverns or complexes that lie below the normal level of the utilities and service tunnels of a typical city.

Fathom:- Unit of length used by Morridanes, it has a dual use for being used to measure the depth of water as well as the depth of subterranean tunnels. Though it is suspected that it is often used to deliberately confuse non-Morridanes.

Greens:- Uniform, regardless of colour or function.

Kiss Me Goodnight Commissar Sir:- Popular song amongst Morridane units, believed to be based upon a song from Terran antiquity.

Lid:- Bowl shaped, plasteel helmet used by Morridane units.

Lurker:- A subterranean Xeno race native to Morrdh.

Muck Patrol:- Nickname given to units assigned to a city's sewers and utility tunnels.

SLR:- Lasgun/rifle, believed to have originated from the use of 'Las-Rifle, Standard' on Departmento Munitorum forms.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

New Arrivals 18/7/2013

Recently got a small order of minis through from Victoria Lamb (she does alternative Imperial Guard models).

The taller guy on the left with the obvious lasgun is one of Vic's models, the shorter bloke on the right is a model from Westwind Productions which I've used for the bulk of my army thus far.

Found that the Westwind heads fit snugly with Vic's models, so gives me the chance to build up a varied army and characterize the squads a bit better.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Finally! 10/7/2013

Forgeworld has finally updated the Death Korps Siege list for 6th Ed!

Basic overview of changes;

*Now has Hydra.

*Optional Wargear is now standard wargear.

*Points changes across the board, some stuff more expensive whilst others are cheaper.

*More in line with the Death Korps Assault list for general organisation of units.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Gosh! More Stirrings! 29/6/20123

Right off I've ordered £70 worth of miniatures for the Deepwatch and I've settled upon the following list;

Company HQ
-Command Squad 87 pts
*Bolt pistol (officer)
*Power weapon (officer)
*Regimental standard

Infantry Platoon
-Platoon HQ 62 pts
*Bolt pistol (officer)
*Power weapon (officer)

-2x Infantry Squad, Flamer 130 pts (65 pts each)
*Watchmaster (Sergeant), Lasgun

-1x Infantry Squad, Plasma gun 75 pts
*Watchmaster (Sergeant), Lasgun

-Heavy Weapons Squad 80 pts

Engineer Squad 65 pts
*Mole launcher

TOTAL: 499 pts

We'll see how well it does when I finally get it into action.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Morridane Deepwatch

OK, here is the background fluff for my planned IG army; The Morridane Deepwatch.


Morrdh is a frontier world in the Koronus Expanse and was discovered by Sebastian Winterscale very early in his career. A lost world of man, it was covered in extensive ruins and great Cyclopean cities long buried beneath millennia of dark forest and dank swamplands. The native population were examined and found wholesome despite their long separation from the light of the Emperor, but for reasons unknown colonists were brought from the Greater Imperium to resettle Morrdh. Natives who were slow to abandon their old beliefs and practices were pushed to the fringes, and even today those with Native blood are viewed with some suspicion.

The tantalising prospect of Archeotech brought representatives of the Adeptus Mechanicus to Morrdh, while the prospect of conversion brought representatives of the Ecclesiarchy. Colonists sought to rule themselves alone, while Winterscale wished to exploit the mysterious bounties of the world for himself and his burgeoning dynasty. Fractious squabbling between these factions brought down the wrath of the Inquisition, who brokered a settlement – Morrdh and its people would be led by a council representing each faction, a council headed by a leader chosen from the ranks of the new settlers.

Queen Lothwyn XIV is the current monarch of Morrdh and planetary governor, ruling from the capital city of Morrdun. Beneath her, a Magos Explorator, an Ecclesiarchical official and a memeber of the Winterscale sit as advisers. Each has their own agenda, and each not-so secretly longs to rule alone. Were it not for the obsidian tower of the Inquisitorial manse casting long shadows over the capital it is very likely that one would have made their move by now. For now, they are content to plot and intrigue and to quietly indulge in smuggling ancient artefacts offworld.

Recently, Queen Lothwyn has pushed for her world to become a Garrison world. Her reasons for doing so are unclear, as it would entail far higher tithes and far more Imperial oversight. Some suspect that she hopes to force a confrontation between the other factions, a confrontation she clearly believes will end successfully for her. Others believe that she knows of some dark threat looming on the horizon. Those allied to Rogue Traders fear that it is the first step towards Imperial annexation of what they see as their rightful domain.

Despite the intrigue ridden politics, Morrdh is one of the major sources of promethium in the Expanse and its lumber is valued by Imperial nobles in the Calixis Sector and beyond as are the relics found in the mire-bound ruins that dot the planet’s surface...


The major export of Morrdh is a form of Promethium harvested from the leviathan-like creatures, that roam the ocean depths of the planet, by the whaling clans that own and operate fleets of whaling trawlers.

The oil from these creatures is highly volatile and was originally collected for use as an easily flammable material, it was only after it was discovered that through a special refinement process the oil could be turned into a specialized fuel source. This also turned the whaling industry from a marginal, supplementary one into the single most vital industry for Morrdh as well as turning the planet into a major source of fuel in the Expanse.

Morridane Deepwatch

Man is far from being the first inhabitants of Morrdh, ancient records state that not long after the planet was first colonized that contact was reported with a subterranean race of creatures simply called 'Lurkers'. These creatures were reported as being a a crouched, diminutive creature swathed in rags, its face obscured by a hood, and possessing a rat-like tail. Over the centuries there have been many reports of Lurker raids, typically taking place at night, and of sightings in the tunnels and sewers beneath many of Morrdh's cities. A specialist military known as the Deepwatch was eventually formed to deal with the Lurkers, a unit that has been maintained and gained specialisation in close-quarters and tunnel fighting.

Today the Deepwatch forms the core of the Morrdh PDF, its recruits are those those that cannot live on the miserable payment of the whaling clans or who earn the wrath of one of the criminal gangs. The men and women of the Deepwatch have the thankless task of delving deep into the tunnels and caverns beneath the surface of Morrdh, often for weeks or months at a time, to clear out Lurker infestations and to deter gangs from using the very same tunnels for nefarious purposes. Deepwatchers must learn a certain degree of self-sufficiency, as tunnel collapses and other hazards can easily prevent the delivery of much-needed supplies. Those tithed to the Imperial Guard often ply these skills on the battlefield, making the best of available resources and finding creative uses for common equipment.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

500 Points of Stirrings!

OK, looking at playing 40K again for a while and slowly planning out an army.

First up a 500pts list to get me playing again, uses the Death Korps of Krieg list from Forgeworld.

Infantry Platoon
-Platoon HQ 50 pts
*Power weapon (officer)

-2x Infantry Squad, Flamer 130 pts (65 pts each)
*Watchmaster (Sergeant), Lasgun

-1x Infantry Squad, Plasma gun 75 pts
*Watchmaster (Sergeant), Lasgun

-Heavy Weapons Squad 80
*3x Autocannons

Grenadiers Squad 165 pts
*Centaur Carrier, Extra Armour (Required squad upgrade)

TOTAL: 500 pts

I'll be posting up fluff ideas later on.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas...

Recently got into a discussion on a forum and ended up talking about ideas I had for an army.

Now coupled with the rise of flyers in 6th Edition 40K I've increasingly been looking at doing a RAF Regiment theme Guard army, basically an airfield defence force.

Also had a look of the Second Edition of Forgeworld's Imperial Armour book that covers the Imperial Guard. In particular I noticed the weapons platforms and had an idea or two.

During WW2 the RAF Regiment maintained batteries of light anti-aircraft guns in the form of Bofors 40mm guns, I can pick models of these up quite cheaply from Warlord Games;

In 40K terms I could class them as a twin-linked autocannon Sabre weapons platform, this would be the Hydra flak gun could fill a role as 'heavy' anti-aircraft.